• Project Title

    Construction Services Facility

  • Client

    Crawley College

  • Location

    Crawley, West Sussex

  • Contractor

    The Buxton Group

A new development on the existing College campus to house the Construction Services Facility which offers training for future plumbers, electricians and other tradespersons. The four-storey building provides workshops, simulated site conditions, classrooms and ancillary facilities for staff and students.

The building is the first iconic building that Crawley College commissioned to bring the campus into the 21st century. The complex offers state-of-the-art facilities and is a pioneering building for the College which, in the past, had never invested in purpose-built infrastructure for its students.

The position and surrounding site conditions meant that the building would be almost isolated from the rest of the campus, and although the local planning authority was keen on having a landmark building to promote the status of the College, its design and selection of materials were carefully considered at all stages.

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