Design & Build Services

RDJW Architects, through the specific experience of its staff, is able to offer Contractors a specialist service to support their Design & Build activities, tailored to suit their specific needs.

Risk Assessment – A review of Employers Requirements to identify areas of risk and investigate areas of potential tender advantage.

Preparation of sketch drawings to assist estimator – Preparation of sub-contract specifications and enquiries. Checking sub-contract tenders for compliance and co-ordination. – Preparation of Contractors Proposals drawings. – Preparation of Contractors Proposals documentation.

Production Information – Detail Design Drawings and Schedules & Finishes Boards. – Clearance of Planning Conditions. – Building Regulation Application. – Checking and Co-ordination of sub-contractors design drawings.

Site Operations – Attending Site Meetings. – Monitoring and implementing Employer’s variations. – Preparation and agreeing Snagging List with Employer. – Preparation of As Built drawings from site information.